Business for good with The MPS Team and WildHearts

Through our activities and profits, we are creating global social change.

Our products and services are tailored to the demands of today’s business world, helping organisations from multiple sectors operate efficiently and responsibly.

Crucially, our customers have one thing in common – the profits from their spend help change lives locally and globally.

Our social initiatives are diverse; from addressing social mobility in the UK by equipping young people with key development and employability skills, to addressing gender inequality in the developing world through our StartHer Strategy.

We believe in the creativity and resilience of humanity. All of our social initiatives invest in exactly that – from struggling female entrepreneurs in Malawi to young people affected by social immobility in the UK. By empowering people we help level the playing field. We are in the business of giving a hand up, not a handout and the profits from your MPS purchasing directly funds WildHearts’ projects in the UK and overseas.

Not only do we deliver much needed cost efficiencies and innovation to the Managed Print Services sector, working with The MPS Team will also help to fund the work of the WildHearts Foundation. Through these social programmes, our customers create positive social change – turning overheads into measurable social impact.

Wildhearts young girls education
A key barrier to girl’s education in the developing world is a lack of access to basic Menstrual Health Management. To facilitate access to education for girls, WildHearts provide reusable sanitary pads in South Africa and India, ensuring once girls are in school, they stay there.
wildhearts women75
75% of the world’s women are excluded from all forms of banking and credit. WildHearts confront this issue by providing predominantly female entrepreneurs in over 40 developing countries with micro-loans to start and grow their own businesses
Wildhearts silver bullet
Education for girls has been described by the United Nations as the closest thing to a “silver bullet” for sustainable growth and human development. This is why WildHearts facilitates and champions girls’ education.

By purchasing from The MPS Team, your business will be contributing to more than 50% of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We help our customers to fulfil their Responsible Business objectives simply by buying from The MPS Team.



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