More imagination to every printed page.

Since its introduction, Versant has always been the shortest path from potential to profit. But the Versant 280 represents an exponential leap forward. Now you can add more speed to deliver on those fast turnarounds—without sacrificing quality. In fact, you’ll be adding capabilities you—or your competition—won’t find anywhere else. Swap out your standard CMYK toner set with our Vivid Specialty Toner Set or our Fluorescent Specialty Toner set in minutes, with no purge, and you’re printing pretty.

Speciality printing is one of the fastest-growing digital segments, opening up expanded possibilities for designers, printers and print buyers.

Not to be confused with technologies that allow you to add a single additional colour along with CMYK, adaptive CMYK+ Technology delivers award-winning innovation with the power to transform your capabilities in simple, swappable kit form.

Designers are born to dream.
To create. To imagine. The best designers fully understand the capabilities and limits of traditional CMYK processes.
Now, Adaptive CMYK+ technology means designers have more freedom to explore. More opportunity to bring ideas to life. And more ways to be sure that print pieces get noticed.
With Adaptive CMYK+ technology, today’s market demands can be met with swap-and-go simplicity. This 3-in-1 capability lets you triple the versatility of your hardware investment.
You juggle dozens, maybe hundreds, of print jobs every day. Now you can add enhancements to those jobs, reaching new, lucrative markets without sacrificing the benefits of short-run digital printing.
Adaptive CMYK+ technology provides an affordable entry point and realise new profit potential from your Versant investment.
CMYK Breakdown