The Legal workplace has changed, hybrid working models are more common and digital transformation is in full swing.

Digital transformation is changing the face of the legal sector and increasing the availability of legal services. Support costs are decreased and firms are able to conduct themselves more efficiently with greater independence.

Digital transformation is about using technology to enhance business processes, workplace culture and the way you serve your customers. Although technology plays a key role in digital transformation, it’s not determined by any singular solution. Rather, it is about the way in which you use the tools at your disposal to help you overcome challenges to find new and better ways of doing things.

That’s why The MPS Team take a consultative approach, where we work with you to digitally transform your workplace with a bespoke solution, seamlessly designed around your infrastructure. Guaranteeing lower print costs, improved efficiency and best-in-class security protection, The MPS Team are experts in creating tailored managed print solutions for the legal sector, which integrate securely into case or document management systems.

The MPS Team gives law firms the tools to concentrate on their core roles, comply with rules and regulations, and compete with other forward-looking firms while
 maximising profitability.

The value of digital technology and solutions has only become more evident over the past year, and organisations need to build operational resilience to survive this new reality. Those enterprises able to use technology to rethink their business models, by fast-tracking digital transformation, will be the ones ahead of their competition.

Digitally transforming your workplace will result in lighter paper and consumable usage. It  produces a reduction in storage space, and a smaller carbon footprint, whilst hybrid solutions will provide efficiencies, improve collaboration, foster knowledge sharing, and increase productivity. All fronted by accessible, user-friendly technology.

How can Managed Print Solutions and
automated document services help you and your business?

    • Control and monitor output to reduce usage and spend.
    • Integration with Case/Practice Management systems, granular reporting for Management Information (MI) and trend analysis.
    • Environmental / sustainability – automate your CSR policy. Make your office devices carbon neutral.
    • Job submission and delegation, allowing users to submit and track printing and scanning work to be fulfilled in the office on their behalf.
    • Using RPA tools to streamline processes, improve efficiency and compliance.
    • Allow firms to take on more instructions (and in turn, more revenue) without additional employees.
    • Provide enhanced client outcomes and experiences, and reduce time to close cases.
    • Digital Mailroom provides resilience and business continuity in case of denial of access to offices.
    • Archive/batch scanning – digitise hard copy files, reclaim office space, reduce storage costs and improve compliance.
    • Ad-hoc scanning by end-users directly to file storage.

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