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Xerox ConnectKey Apps

Let Xerox ConnectKey Apps simplify everyday processes on the multifunction printer.
Add a new dimension to the way businesses work with ConnectKey. Multifunction printers used to be very static in the way they worked. This meant users would often see features they didn’t need or perceive the most simple of tasks to be time-consuming.
ConnectKey Apps allow for a truly customised and personalised experience by aligning the multifunction printers to specific business processes. They also help to increase user productivity by simplifying and shortening everyday tasks.

Xerox ConnectKey Apps open up new possibilities.

Communicate with ease. Deploy informational apps, such as promotions and company messages that appear on the multifunction printer’s user interface. Include text and graphics, as well as logos and QR codes.
Remove complexity from repetitive workflows. Create quick and easy workflows or shortcuts by adding them to the top level of the user interface for added convenience and faster access.
Leverage your investment. Extend the capability of the Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printer without the need for servers, software or user training.

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  Translate and Print

Eliminate language barriers instantly. The Translate and Print App utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide instant machine translations on your Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP). You just walk up, scan your document in, and receive it back in the language of your choice. It couldn’t be any simpler. Quickly receive your translated document in printed form, and/or an editable Microsoft® Word (.docx) version emailed to one or more email addresses. Instant translations in over 44 languages is just a scan away.


Protect sensitive data with Auto-Redaction. Simple yet powerful, there’s no need for manual searching and redaction that is time consuming and prone to mistakes. Auto-Redaction takes advantage of cutting-edge AI technology in Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software, that allows for you to select preset Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or custom words and phrases, then automatically redact it.  This sensitive data is rendered unreadable while keeping all other information on the document intact. Finished auto-redacted documents can then be printed or emailed right from a Technology-enabled MFP helping to keep your organization’s sensitive data secure.

ID Checker

ID fraud is real, and manual detection can lead to failure rates of up to 50%. The ID Checker App makes protecting businesses from ID fraud easy. Now staff can check the validity of an ID document in seconds. Captured data can be automatically exported for custom onboarding workflows. Manual steps are eliminated, so risks of error are reduced. And you can relax, knowing your business is safe.

• Allows the scanning of typical ID documents like drivers’ licenses, passports and country IDs.

• Review the scan with a clear scan preview, both front and back.

• Receive instant feedback right from the enabled device.

• Email or Print the Certificates of Authenticity.

Connect to Microsoft and Google

Organizations and workers are leveraging the convenience of cloud storage services. The Microsoft® 365 app makes it safe and intuitive to digitize documents. With this app and your enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® 365 account.

With Exchange Online, enhance the capability of Microsoft’s leading cloud-based hosted email for business. Quickly digitize hard-copy documents at your enabled multifunction printer. Easily select recipients from the global or personal address book. It’s a fast, smart and secure way to enhance how you work.

The OneDrive app makes it safe and intuitive to digitize documents. With this app and your enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® OneDrive account.

Like the Microsoft connect apps, the Connect for Google Drive™ app makes it safe and intuitive to digitize documents. With this app and your“` enabled device, easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Google Drive™ account.

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  • Do you aspire to be greener and print less?

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