Once you start streamlining and digitising business processes, there’s no going back, and why should you? IT teams, department leaders and others routinely shift and tweak workplace eco-systems to take advantage of new digital capabilities. The latest enhancements like document workflow apps make labour-intense, time-consuming jobs easier and lead to new twists on traditional ways of working.

Today’s workplace has evolved beyond the ability of any single machine to fulfil the document needs and productivity demands of the modern, mobile, always-connected workforce. We’ve stopped thinking about printers as standalone, task-specific workhorses, and now demand they be more up-to-date, useful—and useable—solutions. It’s not a machine. It’s a smart workplace assistant.

Xerox® ConnectKey Technology offers control over printers and multifunction printers in your network. You’ll gain more cost management, reduce strain on IT resources, and improve overall workflow performance. Among other things, ConnectKey tools allow you to:

  • Set job limits
  • Monitor usage
  • Perform backup and restoration

ConnectKey-enabled printers operate as part of a productivity-seeking ecosystem that:

  • Brings your devices together
  • Allows intuitive user experience
  • Provides mobile and cloud connectivity
  • Addresses security

Xerox’s ConnectKey technology links the physical and digital worlds and transforms traditional printing devices into intelligent, connected workplace assistants that address the needs of the modern workplace. The portfolio’s personalised automated workflows, one-touch access to the cloud, mobile readiness, tailored apps and multi-layered secured features help improve user productivity, efficiency and information security.

With these capabilities, your teams can do more than print, scan or copy. They can connect like never before. New app for Xerox ConnectKey devices streamlines business processes like these:

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Customer relationship management

ConnectKey-enabled devices connect with each other, and common functions work similarly on every machine, so users learn apps just once and apply them fleet-wide. Swipe, tap and pinch your way through simplified workflows on a large, colourful, tablet-like screen. When workflow travels across a ConnectKey-enriched fleet, the user experience is always consistent regardless of model, and nothing encourages productivity like a familiar process

Flexible ConnectKey technology allows you to customise interfaces for the apps you use most. Set up processes to move documents faster with your own specific one-touch workflows to or from cloud or network locations. ConnectKey is based on open systems architecture, making even more customisation possible for specialised workflows. Installation wizards streamline setup, keeping that job off the IT to-do list.

Info by Ford, C., (2018) via Xerox