Adam Evans - Technical Analyst

Adam Evans

Technical Analyst

As a new member of The MPS Team, Adam is passionate about providing first-class support to customers and is motivated by consistently bettering his technical knowledge and expertise. While getting to know his new colleagues, Adam has learnt nothing is too much to ask and everyone is a great laugh! Growing up in Middleton, Greater Manchester, Adam wanted to be a footballer and now hopes to see England win the World Cup in his life time.

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Craig McEvoy - Post-Sales Technical Consultant

Craig McEvoy

Post-Sales Technical Consultant

Craig has worked within managed print for the past decade specialising in customer-centric solutions. A true optimist and advocate of common sense, Craig’s tenacity comes from his time serving in the British Army but is proud of his daughters most of all. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in MPS, Craig’s advice is simple – go for it!

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Damien Evans

Regional Sales Director

Damien is a long-standing MPS expert with nearly three decades of experience and knowledge under his belt. As Regional Sales Director, Damien is passionate about developing individuals to achieve their true potential and his specialism is ‘the master of analogies’. In his spare time, you might find Damien on the netball court as a coach of an under 14s team. The song to best describe Damien’s work ethic? Chumbawamba – Tubthumping!

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David Forshaw - Regional Sales Director

David Forshaw

Regional Sales Director

David has worked in the managed print industry in various roles and organisations for 22 years and is most passionate about the customers and people of The MPS Team. Dave is a people-person who loves to work hard and play hard and his biggest inspiration is his son. Dave admires the energy, enthusiasm and professionalism he shares with his colleagues.

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David Kendrick

David Kendrick

Technical Lead

David has an IT background and has come from high volume technical service desk. David’s keen to drive continual service improvement and efficiency into the MPS team. He is passionate about people and helping them achieve their goals.

Once an active outdoor pursuits man climbing mountains and cliff faces, he now spends his weekends entertaining his two young children and dreams of the day that he can take them on the same experiences he had.

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David Forshaw - Regional Sales Director

Dominic Miller

Post-Sales Technical Consultant

Tech-oriented Dominic brings a wealth of experience to The MPS Team from his 10-year-strong background in IT. He believes you can always turn a negative into a positive and is in good company with fellow team members who are always willing to help. A huge basketball fan, Dominic hopes to see the NBA Finals someday.

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Ellis Kimpton Polaroid

Ellis Kimpton

MPS Technical Analyst

Ellis is the newest member of the technical support team, bringing an enthusiasm for great customer care and an eagerness to help and support his colleagues. He’d love to explore space one day and draws his inspiration from Dorian Yates for his drive and success.

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Gary Dyson - Project Manager

Gary Dyson

Project Manager

A project management professional with several years’ experience in managed print, Gary is passionate about always striving to improve wherever possible. Gary’s biggest inspiration is his wife, Jan, with her mantra ‘I can!’. Visiting Japan and creating his own long-distance national trail challenge is on Gary’s bucket list, an obvious indication that he doesn’t do things by halves!

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Jayne Parkinson - Digital Transformation Director

Jayne Parkinson

Digital Transformation Director

Jayne has made her name as a Managed Print Expert for almost two decades. Jayne specialism is in digital workflow automation and is passionate about growing the MPS message. Hoping to tour Italy with her children, Jayne’s work ethic, described as She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer, will no doubt get her there.

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John Kay - Head of Technical Services

John Kay

Group Head of Technical Services

John has worked within IT roles for over 15 years and specialises in HP and Xerox solutions and security. As Head of Technical Services, John is passionate about growth and taking the division from good to great. A keen snooker player, John is motivated by winning business, customer satisfaction and team reward, and his biggest inspiration is his Mother.

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John Naylor - Business Development Director

John Naylor

Business Development Director

An experienced managed print professional of over 20 years, John is passionate about meeting different organisations with different ways of working and providing solutions to suit them. John admires the determination, organisation and willingness to take on new things of his colleagues and his biggest inspiration comes from his Mum and Dad. Hoping to tour America with his family, John is motivated by his hard work paying off and seeing his family happy.

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louise waterworth bio

Louise Waterworth

Business Development Consultant

Louise has been a leading lady in managed print industry for 15 years and is most passionate about ensuring the best bespoke solution is provided to her customers. Louise respects the enthusiasm of her colleagues but would say her motivation comes from beating the boys!

A proud mum of three children, Louise describes her work ethic as Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

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Lynn Whatmough - Head of Service Contract Billing

Lynn Whatmough

Head of Service Contract Billing

As a valued member of Billing Department, Lynn specialises in payroll and booking and is passionate about billing correctly and producing accurate reports. Lynn’s biggest inspiration is JK Rowling for her tenacity. For anyone thinking about pursuing a career in MPS, Lynn’s advice would be – ‘Do it! Working for The MPS Team has genuinely changed my life and it is the first job I’ve enjoyed getting out of bed for!’

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Mike Sandell - Group Head of Operations

Mike Sandell

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, Mike brings 17 years’ experience in the managed print industry to The MPS Team. Along with his organisational super-powers, Mike is passionate about team development and he admires his colleagues’ patience and respectfulness. Mike is most proud of his family and as a keen golfer, dreams of ticking off playing Pebble Beach from his bucket list.

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Niall Kay - Pre _ Post-Sales Technical Consultant

Niall Kay

Post-Sales Technical Consultant

With a strong IT background, Niall’s specialism is in IT infrastructure and networking. With awards for Customer Service under his belt, Niall takes his inspiration from Pep Guardiola, accepts nothing but 110% and always seeks to improve. Niall is motivated by the feeling of accomplishment but ask Niall about his bucket list and visiting a baby sloth sanctuary is surprisingly top.

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Sally Kearns - Head of Sales Order Support

Sally Kearns

Head of Sales Order Support

Sally has worked in various roles within managed print for 12 years and brings a wealth of organisation and structure to The MPS Team. As an ex-tennis player who played for Great Britain in her teenage years, Sally puts her motivation down to her fitness training. Sally is most proud of her husband and hopes to travel to Thailand in the near future.

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Stacey Duffy - Sales Order Support

Stacey Duffy

Sales Order Support

Since joining in September 2016, Stacey has developed her knowledge and experience in managed print. Stacey is passionate about keeping customers happy by providing the best possible service and is motivated by customer appreciation and satisfaction. Stacey’s biggest inspiration is her Nan and she is most proud of overcoming life challenges whilst always maintaining her positive outlook.

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Susan Russell - Sales Order Support

Susan Russell

Sales Order Support

Susan has been an integral part of The MPS Team since 2012 and is proud to deliver a quality service to customers. She admires her thorough, dedicated and hardworking colleagues but is most proud of her children. Susan describes working in the managed print industry as diverse and never boring. Although scared of heights, Susan hopes she can one day ride in a hot air balloon.

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