A bespoke solution seamlessly designed around your infrastructure, providing efficiencies, detailed reporting and cost savings.

The MPS Team Legal Solution

A consultative approach, where we work with you to digitally transform your workplace with a bespoke solution seamlessly designed around your infrastructure, guaranteeing lower print costs, improved efficiency and best-in-class security protection. The MPS Team are experts in creating tailored managed print solutions for the legal sector which integrate securely into our customers’ case or document management systems.

Our legal expertise sits across all departments, from the mail room to the admin team

Our methodology works to;

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to managed print. We offer a comprehensive review of your current infrastructure that will enable you to understand how printing, scanning and the handling of documents is, or isn’t, working within your organisation. Our consultative approach means we work with you to create a bespoke, complete solution designed around your case or document management system, for seamless integration and improved efficiency.

We draw upon a carefully selected pool of trusted partners to provide you the best hardware and software combination for your workplace, that can be built on any platform and securely communicate with different operating systems, creating your own document and print management ecosystem, all fronted by accessible, user-friendly technology.

Digitally transforming your workplace will result in lighter paper and consumable usage, a reduction in storage space, and a smaller carbon footprint.

We’ll help you take back control with high levels of performance metrics, consolidated fleet reporting and accounting integration. Your very own supplies, maintenance and information management strategy will minimise costs, maximise productivity, increase security, benefit the environment and your CSR.

Bespoke managed print solutions for the legal sector from The MPS TeamBespoke managed print solutions for the legal sector from The MPS Team

The MPS Team’s Legal Solution ensures that both your firm and your clients are GDPR compliant, end to end, from inbound client letters to outbound forms

Our innovative software stores all documents to your case or document management system without human error and in a GDPR compliant way, helping you to avoid mistakes in keyed data.

Documents are transformed from physical to digital and become searchable and findable- that’s all documents, in any format: including shared folders, SMS, email, fax and paper. Data duplication becomes a thing of the past, and the need for physical storage is reduced, saving you costly off-site storage fees.

Bespoke managed print solutions for the legal sector from The MPS Team

Strengthen your service offering by guaranteeing the best-in-class security for your clients

Your clients demand the best protection for their sensitive data, especially when print related data breaches can be frequent and costly.

Did you know 11% of all security incidents are print related,
equating to an average of nine print-related incidents per year
with 59% of these leading to data losses,
costing an average of £313,000 per-annum to deal with?*

Your bespoke solution guarantees strict, regulatory compliance and that security is a top priority when documents are handled, stored and shared. We’ll provide exactly the levels of security that you need against cyber threats, with solutions ranging from controlling access to each device right through to a fully secure document infrastructure, complete with a detailed audit trail.

*Quocirca, Global Print Security Landscape Report, 2019

With a variety of competitive financial pricing models,

we’ll do all this in line with your budget.

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