How are you keeping in contact with your team?

Communicate with your peers in a secure and collaborative environment

A top priority for all businesses is to keep their employees safe during these uncertain times, and for many companies that meant home working was implemented at record speeds.  As working from home becomes the new normal, our employees must be able to communicate with their peers in a secure and collaborative environment.

Did you know that Microsoft Teams added 12 million daily active users in a single week amid the coronavirus crisis, bringing their user numbers up to 44 million in total?*

If you are not using Microsoft Teams, you probably should be. 

If you are using Teams, is it secure? 

If you are not using Microsoft Teams, what platform are you using? 

The MPS Team is talking to customers whose employees are using WhatsApp or Zoom as a communication platform for their day to day business. These platforms are great for social interaction, but not for business, and could have security vulnerabilities that put your company at risk.

A large portion of employees will have set up the password April2020! 

If you are using Microsoft Teams and can gain access using only an email and a password, then your company could be vulnerable to security hackers. You need to consider two-factor authentication (2FA), an extra layer of security that can be rapidly deployed, and which mitigates 99.9% of security threats.

The MPS Team is offering training and support on Microsoft Teams and two-factor authentication. 

They have produced a series of rapid deployment packs to help you get Microsoft Teams working securely in a remote environment, giving you the peace of mind that your employees remain connected to each other during these unusual times.

Please contact The MPS Team for more information and do take care and stay safe.


PS if you do anything today, do these 3 things.

Increase the length of your password

Ensure your device is encrypted

Implement 2FA


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