Stay Secure
As the world looks forward to re-opening this summer, hybrid working requires adaptable and flexible solutions and The MPS Team has you covered. 
The MPS Team has been working alongside businesses helping them to protect their data and networks and streamlining workflows. They’ve been busy helping businesses to be more collaborative with their teams too, enabling them to communicate effectively with each other, increasing productivity and efficiency as working in hybrid environments becomes more common.
The MPS Team will work with you to create a bespoke solution seamlessly designed around your home working and new office infrastructure, providing an integrated and secure hybrid workplace solution, adaptable to any working environment.


Are you ready for Hybrid Working Digital Transformation?

Cloud-based applications ensure your data is secure and
fully accessible in any environment
Document management software allows documents to be shared,
filed, scanned and archived securely
Integrated collaboration tools enable seamless communication
between home and office based teams
“Costs were rising as the business expanded..
The MPS Team implemented Docushare’s Document Management solution to automate the extraction of data from invoices into the customer’s financial software, manage forms and automatically extract data from time sheets into Payroll’s processes and Digitise HR’s onboarding process..
The result was a cost savings of over £500,000 and processes were simplified and automated, enabling the customer to do more with less”
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