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How MPS can benefit your business

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to managed print, The MPS Team truly takes the time to understand the needs of your business and build a bespoke solution to suit you.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Is your printer fleet old, slow and unreliable?

  • Do you have spiralling printer costs and invoice requests covering multiple service agreements?

  • Are you dreaming of automated print management – someone to step in when your toner runs out?

  • Is your organisation becoming more mobile? Are you looking for an on-the-road printing and document management solution?

  • Is your workforce ever-changing? Are your employees demanding better, more efficient technology and digital processes?

  • Do you aspire to be greener and print less?

If so, The MPS Team is the ideal partner for you.

Managed Print Services may not light other people’s imagination on fire, but at The MPS Team we’re not other people. We’re always looking for new ways to better serve our customers, which is why our innovative MPS solutions offer real value for money and help you take back control.

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    Why Managed Print Services?

    MPS is for businesses that want the best performance and the best value from their document output.

    Hand on heart, how much do you know about the performance and costs of your document processing?

    Documents, whether paper or digital, they’re the lifeblood of your business. Yet most companies have no idea how much time or money they spend processing and printing them.

    Do you want to find new ways to save money? New ways to handle your documents better?

    We’ll help you take back control and save as much as 30% on your printing and document management. Your own dedicated MPS – a supplies, maintenance and information management strategy that helps you:

    • Minimise costs – lower toner, paper and maintenance costs
    • Maximise productivity and improve performance – fully maintained device appropriate printing where you need it, when you need it
    • Take control and manage your printer fleet efficiently – detailed management, budget controls and security systems that put you in charge
    • Benefit the environment 

    We offer a comprehensive review of your current infrastructure that will enable you to understand how printing, scanning and the handling of documents is, or isn’t, working within your organisation. 

    Our experienced managed print experts catalogue, map and audit your current hardware and cross-check against the needs of departments and goals of the organisation. We uncover detailed process maps of critical business processes, so together we can highlight inefficiencies and wasted resources.

    As high priority, we assess printing, scanning and document handling for GDPR compliancy. 

    We identify security risks and make recommendations based on best practices and interview key stakeholders within the business to understand what the people within the organisation need from their printing, scanning and document handling systems.



    Adam Evans

    Technical Analyst

    As a new member of The MPS Team, Adam is passionate about providing first-class support to customers and is motivated by consistently bettering his technical knowledge and expertise. While getting to know his new colleagues, Adam has learnt nothing is too much to ask and everyone is a great laugh! Growing up in Middleton, Greater Manchester, Adam wanted to be a footballer and now hopes to see England win the World Cup in his life time.

    Email Adam

    Craig McEvoy

    Post-Sales Technical Consultant

    Craig has worked within managed print for the past decade specialising in customer-centric solutions. A true optimist and advocate of common sense, Craig’s tenacity comes from his time serving in the British Army but is proud of his daughters most of all. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in MPS, Craig’s advice is simple – go for it!

    Email Craig

    Dale Needham

    Group Director

    As a driving force behind The MPS Team and its rapid growth and successes, Dale’s specialism is his innate ability to build and drive a team forward. Having worked within managed print for nearly a quarter of a century, Dale is passionate about The MPS Team being the fastest growing and most innovative MPS provider in the UK, along with the best customer service experience. An avid Liverpool Football Club supporter, Dale hoped to become a professional footballer in his younger days. Dale is most proud of his family and says they are his biggest inspiration.

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    What Our Customers Say


    “The MPS Team truly took the time to understand our needs as a business and objectives for the future, and provided a solution completely bespoke to us. I would recommend The MPS Team to any business who is looking to gain full control over their print environment.”

    Group IT Director, Euro Garages

    “We gave The MPS Team the opportunity to deliver, and deliver they have. The solution is reliable and has reduced our total cost of ownership in the region of 40%. Our service issues have been resolved and we are amazed that the system detects our toner levels and will send out new supplies before we realise the toners need replacing.”

    Finance Officer, Blessed John Henry Newman RC College

    “The MPS Team approach was very straightforward and transparent. Their audit process allowed us to fully understand our organisational situation and what our people needed. They did more than just focus on volume and costs and this approach ensured we could design the future state together, whilst being greener. They have more than delivered against all their promises.”

    IT Manager, Kalzip

    “We are incredibly happy with The MPS Team solution. The devices have proven to be reliable; we’ve reduced print waste and seen huge savings with both costs and the time staff spend dealing with technical issues, compared to our previous equipment. The ongoing support we receive has been second to none. I would readily recommend The MPS Team as a partner to any business.”

    Director, Schools UK


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