After two years of reactive decision-making, businesses like yours are thinking proactively about the opportunities that lie ahead.

As you know, flexible working has become central to many businesses today. To help you to operate effectively, you need to enable your workforce to do their best work, no matter where they are based.

Hybrid working has meant the adoption of less secure devices and practices, drastically expanding security risks. With flexible working here to stay, addressing the growing attack surface is vital. There’s mounting pressure to maximise efficiency and become more agile, and your people and processes are key to remaining competitive.
Document security is typically lower on the security agenda than other elements of IT, but in the past 12 months over two thirds of businesses have experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices. Worryingly nearly a third of SMBs reporting that such losses have led to lost customers.*
Here at The MPS Team we’re all about delivering agility, security, and digital resilience in a flexible environment. We can support hybrid work by integrating and centralising your business processes. We can make workflows accessible, and easy to use, across locations and devices. This provides your employees with a simple and convenient way to print, scan, convert and share documents and automate workflows from anywhere. They can do this at any time and from any device, whether it’s from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or directly from a connected printer.
*Quocirca Print Security Trends 2022

1 : Stay secure in your Hybrid Environment

With more employees working remotely, exposure to cyberattacks grows larger every day. Our portfolio of services and solutions covers print, scan, content and processes all designed to support a hybrid workforce and enable zero-trust security.

2 : Workflows that work for you

A successful organisation needs streamlined processes for maximum efficiency. This could mean automating individual core tasks, or even moving to a whole new way of working. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you streamline your working processes.

3 : Stay flexible

Our cloud-based technology can help people be as productive when they are on the go or working at home, as they are in the office. We have a number of solutions available to help you stay flexible, in the office, at home, anywhere.

4 : Stay ahead of the game

It’s no longer enough to just adapt – you need to actively prepare for the future. This UK local government organisation knew this, so they adopted the DocuShare® solution. Now they can work across documents remotely and securely and communicate internally with customers without a hitch, and you can too.

5 : Add Sustainability to your armour

We carry our sustainability ethos into what we offer our customers. Our print devices and management mean saved energy and paper by digitising your document-intensive processes. We can make your business more efficient, and with our PrintReleaf program, with every printed page we are helping to reforest rainforests all over the world!