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Xerox are continuously adapting to the needs of every business. This includes the technology aspect and the admin processes of individuals. ConnectKey apps are designed to allow business to work smarter and faster with a range of accessible and display applications.

All workflow apps are categorized from Communication to Legal to the Cloud. The plus to these apps is that they can be customized on your Xerox printer to align with staff requirements. Every developing business has unique requirements and the best way to implement this is by utilizing supplier’s ability to personalize and tailor to suit your needs.

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Xerox ConnectKey allows you to personalize your interface with the apps you need.

All apps are optimized securely to avoid any confidential documents being struck with viruses.

Add personalized messages to the home screen for important announcements and information.

There are many apps that allow flexible, secure and productive working with a Xerox computer. We discovered one of the top trends for 2020 and how it could benefit all businesses in working smarter and faster.

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To discuss your requirements for your Xerox ConnectKey printer and customizing your interface or if you would like to inquire about switching your printer to a Xerox ConnectKey, contact us to speak with a member of our sales team.

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