A platform of apps is enabling companies to route, convert, compare, share and even communicate…

App Gallery is your gateway to access and acquire a growing collection of easily downloadable and installable apps for your print devices, designed to transform the way you handle documents, data and communications. With these applications, companies are streamlining their workflows, reducing costs, and much more.

Do you want to:

Secure personal sensitive data?

Automate the way you work?

Reduce costs?

Share and access documents anywhere and instantly?

Convert documents including translation?

Take a look at what the app gallery can do for you and your business:

Connect for docusign

eSignatures may be on the rise, but paper documents still play a large role in many key day-to-day business transactions. The Connect App for DocuSign can help eliminate approval bottlenecks, speed up your paper processes, and keep essential agreements moving forward.

Auto-Redaction icon

Would you like to automatically copy documents without interaction with the touch screen? The Auto Copy
App saves time by producing copies when you place your documents in the document feeder.

connect for salesforce

Connect for Salesforce is an app linking users directly to the market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Reduce the need to manually enter data into your CRM by instantly digitising and organising your most important client documents for timely review and follow-up. Users must have an existing Salesforce account.

Translate and Print icon

Eliminate language barriers instantly.
The Translate and Print App utilizes state- of-the-art technology to provide instant machine translations on your Technology- enabled multifunction printer (MFP). You just walk up, scan your document in, and receive it back in the language of your choice. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Connect to Microsoft and Google and
streamline your processes 

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Connect GoogleDrive
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