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  •  To counter technical support and account management issues
  • To improve management of printer and copier fleet
  • To have an overall view of the total cost of ownership

Schools UK experienced continual customer service and technical support issues. The firm’s old standalone copiers and desktop devices, required for the day-to-day running of the business, would breakdown regularly.
With no current managed print services (MPS) in place, Schools UK wanted to replace its existing faulty devices and introduce a solution that would reduce print waste and improve its fragmented method of managing and buying consumables.
Schools UK could not identify the true cost of running its printer fleet, including consumable costs and time and resource spent resolving technical issues.

Using Xerox device agent, The MPS Team carried out a 20-day audit to establish Schools UK’s overall print usage, highlight inefficiencies, identify areas for improvement and quantify the overall cost to the business.

Three multifunctional Xerox WorkCentre devices which enable users to print, copy, scan and fax were introduced to replace the existing fleet. Xerox Service Manager (XSM) software was installed which automates the consumable buying process and detects and proactively manages technical printer fleet management issues.

Schools UK chose to use Xerox Finance to lease its new Xerox devices. This tailored leasing and financing service allowed the firm to manage cashflow and reduce its capital expenditure.

Cost management and control

  • Increased accountability with quarterly reviews of all printing usage and costs
  • Approximately 30% reduction on annual printing and consumable spend by consolidating the number of devices
  • Combining all associated print and copy costs into one monthly payment makes budgeting and cashflow more manageable

Productivity and availability

  • Time saved and less resource required to maintain multiple devices, replenish consumables and hold stock
  • Break-fix time is reduced through interactive devices that help to advise users to resolve some technical issues themselves, such as replacing toners, sorting paper jams etc.
  • Technical issues are automatically detected proactively alerting engineers so Schools UK don’t have to spend time and resource arranging callouts

Environmental sustainability

  • The MPS solution also helped Schools UK to reduce its carbon footprint with more energy-efficient devices and printer-friendly options such as double-sided printing

Security and compliance

  • Additionally, the new Xerox devices give Schools UK secure, password-protected printing and copying, protecting valuable information and supporting regulatory compliance

“We are incredibly happy with The MPS Team solution. The Xerox devices have proven to be reliable; we’ve reduced print waste and seen huge savings with both costs and the time staff spend dealing with technical issues, compared to our previous equipment. The ongoing support we receive has been second to none. I would readily recommend The MPS Team as a partner to any business.”

Peter Riley, Director at Schools UK

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Schools UK


Leeds, West Yorkshire


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