Training and developing your employee’s expertise is an important aspect of any business, but even more so when it comes to technology and the ever-changing world of managed print.

Our Technical Analyst, Adam (pictured right), successfully completed PaperCut Technical Training with computer software company, Info Technology Supply Ltd, to further his skills and technical capability, so we asked him about his experience and how he can now implement his new knowledge to further benefit and support customers.

Firstly, how did you find your training?

It was really interesting over the 3 days there was lots to take in but I learnt quite a lot while I was there and they provided me with lots of documents and a USB stick with helpful information to bring back to my colleagues. I got a certificate at the end of it too which made the whole experience feel rewarding.

Can you tell us what PaperCut is and how it is used within an organisation?

The short answer is that PaperCut enables user and device level management and control for all your printers. PaperCut is typically used to track and control all print, copy, fax and scan activity on MFDs. On the training course, the example that was used was education so schools, colleges etc. so that each pupil gets billed for every print out they do.

What are the main benefits of PaperCut?

The biggest benefit I learnt was the environmental factors. They have an ROI calculator and you can input all the data you have about printing and it calculates how many trees you save, carbon dioxide saved and energy saved per year. It is compatible with all operating systems which is a big benefit as no matter what system your company has you will be able to install PaperCut.

Who would you recommend PaperCut to? Are there specific sectors or pain points that PaperPut provide a solution for?

There are huge money saving opportunities for sites that do a lot of printing, so businesses with many employees or sites as you can control the cost of printouts and give discounts for printing in black and white saving toner and cartridge costs.

Are you planning on completing any more training? If so, what courses?

As far as I know there is nothing booked in yet, however I would happily take part in any training if it would be beneficial to me and the company.

And finally, what do you enjoy most about your role as Technical Analyst?

I really enjoy providing support for all our clients and also learning new things from my colleagues.