We live in a digital age, and printing is still a vital part of every business. Hard copies of information are still prominent, but finding a way to maintain printing access without risking your security can be challenging. MPS with The MPS Team is a great way to address this issue and implement modern solutions to secure your business.

Digital security is critical for every business. Even if you understand the dangers, it’s easy to overlook the risks of any network. Printers are arguably the most overlooked item of all.

With latest figures showing that cyber attacks are on the increase, businesses need to be aware of their security and take preventative measures to keep their data secure. What are the 3 key areas of increasing cyber crime?

1. Document theft

A community printer is open to anyone in the office. Any employee or guest can walk up and read a potentially confidential document on your printer’s output tray. It doesn’t require a master plan. It doesn’t even have to be deliberate. But when the wrong eyes see sensitive information, it’s a breach.

It might not seem like it, but the first step to printer security is ensuring your physical documents are not at risk.

2. Network security

It makes sense to put an office printer on a network, as one workstation can service multiple team members. However, if a printer is on a network, it can be accessed remotely by anyone with the means. This can lead to hackers gaining access to sensitive information.

When was the last time you secured your office printer? As an endpoint device attached to the network, your printer is one of your biggest risks.

3. Printer storage

It’s often overlooked, but one of the reasons that printers are enticing for data theft is the prevalence of internal data storage capabilities. A printer can digitally retain a number of documents that go through the system, which can lead to stolen information. Printer storage needs to be protected as thoroughly as the printed documents themselves.

How The MPS Team  services secure your business

Every business needs the means to address these security issues, and for many businesses the most reliable solution lies in implementing managed print services (MPS). This modern solution can handle printer security and directly address any vulnerabilities. Here are a few ways The MPS Team secure your business data.

1. Staying up to date

Staying current is important to digital security, and managed print services should include software updates as part of the standard package.

Printers don’t receive the same attention as other digital resources, but printer exploits get found over time. Sometimes, you need physical updates or improvements in order to resolve those exploits. Physical upgrades can be as critical as software upgrades.

2. Improved access

Any network printer is potentially a vulnerability. A professional managed print services provider will include multifunction printer security. This is an important aspect to network security  and it’s a simple solution that cuts most risks and points of attack.

3. Industry knowledge

Perhaps the most underrated advantage of managed print services is the industrial knowledge it provides. This isn’t just knowledge of printing. The MPS Team are familiar are up to date with industry knowledge and they have substantial experience in how technology plays a role in your workflows and business processes. With that knowledge and experience, we can cut off the most common problems before they arise.

Industrial knowledge is invaluable, and you’ll receive plenty of it with a reputable managed print services provider.

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